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this is the ritalin boy--classroom focus picture.
Why is he always trying to get everybody's attention Take the pill boy, it will all be ok there is something missing
Please control yourself
Why does he not just do his work? I wish they would all be quiet
I do not want that stupid medicine.

Settling Out of Focus:
Life without Ritalin
by Kevin Schwarz

    Today, Americans consume somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of the world's Ritalin. Millions of American children as well as at least 65,000 five adults maintain their social performance with the psychoactive drug. Some children sell their Ritalin to others. Teens and young adults have been know to crush the little pills into powder and snort it experiencing a cocaine like high. Yet, for many teachers burdened with the stress of managing classrooms the drug has been a godsend. Many perceive it to be one of the best ways to focus hyperactive behavior into concentrated effort towards assigned tasks. Because of its delightfully received results, Ritalin is increasingly depended upon for bringing highly active children under parent's and instructor's control.

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